Welcome to the official Chef Randall web site – home of all things invented by Randall Cornfield and a collection of some of his favorite gadgets.

Born and raised in Montreal, Canada a real “food” city, from a very young age Chef Randall learnt to cook at his mother’s side. Today with over 450 published recipes and nearly 400 inventions, Chef Randall a self taught chef is a modern day invention machine.

We’d like to introduce you to our Turbo Cookware with its Steamcooking ™ method. Unlike traditional steam cooking, the Steamcooking ™ method is the simultaneous combination of steaming and other forms of cooking such as frying (Steamfrying) baking (Steambaking) grilling (Steamgrilling) and so on, at the same time, in one pan.

Our goal at ChefRandall.com is to offer you the complete collection of not only Chef Randall’s Turbo Cookware but some of his other marvelous inventions.

If you want to learn all about the Turbo Cooker from “real” users just like you, click on the chat group link, which will take you to the Yahoo Chat Group. Sign up and review the hundreds of member created recipes, search the tens of thousands of emails about the product or ask a Turbo user about their experience – this web site is not run or controlled by us at all.

Way back in the late 1980’s Chef Randall began the Turbo journey, and since 1999 we have sold over 2 million Turbo Cookers.

Chef Randall and all of us at ChefRandall.com want to thank you for visiting.